Super Learners

Week beginning 17 July 2017




Puzzle Class – Isabella and Simran

Bear Class – Jessica and Paveen

Octopus Class – Halima and Tavish

Diamond Class – Samuel Nayaenesh

Invicible Class – Julia and Ferne

Week beginning 10 July 2017



Elephant Class – William and Lily

Acorn Class – Lena and Shailaja

Rocket Class – Faye and Ruby-Rose

Puzzle Class – Tess and Oliver

Bear Class – Henry and Reily

Octopus Class – Jasmine and Sofiane 

Diamond Class – Kealy and Elodie

Invicible Class – All of Year 6!

Week beginning 3 July 2017



Octopus Class – Sammy and Evie

Star Class – Taiba and Oliver

Diamond Class – Madison-Beau and Kealy

Lego Class – Andrew and Ariana

Week beginning 26 June 2017



Elephant Class – Patrick and Kyra

Acorn Class – Shadeah and Kamron

Rocket Class – Grace and Hassan

Puzzle Class – Oliver K and Ivie

Bear Class – Marco and Annabelle

Octopus Class – William and Chris

Star Class – Imogen and Dillon

Diamond Class – Oliver and Sadie

Lego Class – Husain I and Natalie

Invincible Class – 

Week beginning 12 June 2017



Elephant Class – Sriram and Ola

Acorn Class – Leon and Tilly

Rocket Class – Vihaan and Archie

Bear Class – Saithanyan and Riley

Puzzle Class – Kiara and Lydia

Octopus Class – Adam and Joseph

Star Class – Taiba and Koburn

Diamond Class – Molly and Samuel R

Lego Class – Ryan and Amy

Invincible Class – Cerys and Connor D

Week beginning 5 June 2017



Elephant Class – David and Noor

Acorn Class – Billy and Evie

Rocket Class – Tia and Matthew

Bear Class – Felicity and Courtney

Puzzle Class – Charlie and Natalie

Star Class – Sam and Freddie

Lego Class – Sweena and Winter

Week beginning 22 May 2017


Star Class – Kacey and Rebecca

Lego Class – Ahmad and Ferne