Governors at Leavesden

The Governing Body at Leavesden Green supports the staff and leadership team to ensure that all our children are equipped with the skills to learn effectively and are ready for the next part of their educational journey.  We are immensely proud of our learning culture, in which children are explicitly taught the skills they need to become an effective learner. 



The emphasis around developing resilience, encouraging our children to be brave in trying new things and the ability to develop empathy to understand how others feel are all key lifelong skills which will maximize the learning potential of our young people.



As a governing body we aim to support the staff and leadership team through both an active involvement in the daily life of the school and by working closely with the schools leadership team to:   


  1. Set challenging aims and objectives for the school;
  2. Agree policies, priorities, and performance targets for accomplishing these objectives;
  3. To look for evidence to ensure that these objectives are having the impact to improve learning; and
  4. To ensure our resources and time are spent in the most impactful way to support the continuous improvements the school is aiming to make.



Our actions will be rooted in the best interests of the school and its pupils to safeguard our children in a changing and challenging world.  We will always be prepared to explain our decisions openly and honestly to staff, parents, pupils, government, and anyone in the wider community with an interest in the conduct and standards of the school.



We are also here to support parents/carers in supporting their children, so who are we?  Please visit the governor pages which will tell you more about who we are and our experiences that we bring to Leavesden Green.   We meet at least 3 times a half term, to discuss various priorities and understand progress with our leadership team.  Please take the time to say hello if you see a governor in and around the school.  We would love to hear from parents, so please contact us through the school office.

Please click on the Governors names to view their profiles:

Laura Creed
Chair and Parent Governor


Committee – Progress and Performance

Term Ends: Nov ’16

Victoria Milford

Vice Chair and Parent Governor

Restorative Justice and Teacher Led Development Projects

Committee – Finance and Resources

Term Ends: Apr ’17

Jim Robertson
Community Governor

Health and Safety

Committee – Finance and Resources

Term Ends: Aug ’17

Ross Edwards
Parent Governor

LSA’s and Computing

Committee – Finance and Resources

Term Ends: Oct ’17

Lee Janaway
Community Governor

Writing & Grammar

Committee – Progress and Performance

Term Ends: Jan ’18

Graham Sleight
Community Governor

Inclusion and Safeguarding

Committee – Progress and Performance

Term Ends: Jul ’19

Julia Worth

Community Governor

Early Years

Committee – Finance and Resources

Term Ends: Sep ’19

Claire Humphreys
Parent Governor

Reading and Phonics

Committee – Progress

Term Ends: Oct ’17

Oge Zogie Odigie
Parent Governor

Nilay Patel
Parent Governor

Stacy Morris