3/4 Inset Days
11 First day for Reception


6 Otter Parent Lunch
10 Sports Day
11 SEND coffee morning
12 Meet the teacher day
19 Year 6 Production
25 SEND coffee morning
26 Early Years Graduation


25 Early Years Trip
27 Octopus Trip
28 Diamond Trip


28 Half Term for two weeks
25 Acorn Parent Lunch
24 Cross Country 9:15am
22 Early Years Phonics Parent Session
21 Early Years Phonics Parent Session
18 Lego Class Trip


30th Clubs start
26th Star Class Curriculum meetings
26th Acorn and Rocket Class Curriculum meetings 2:30pm
25th Circus Gates open 5:30pm Show starts 6pm (tickets via wisepay)
25th Otter and Rainbow Class Curriculum meetings 2:30pm
24th Diamond Class Curriculum meetings 5:30pm
24th Puzzle and Bear Class Curriculum meetings 2:30pm
23rd April Octopus Class Curriculum meeting 5:30pm
19th Explorer Class Curriculum meeting 11:15am
19th Lego Class Curriculum meeting 5:30pm
18th Breck Foundation Parent event 14:15pm

16th Back to school


9 Bear Class Parent Lunch
13 Class Photos
16 Puzzle Class Parent Lunch
19 Parent Phonics starts (Nursery and Reception)
19 Last week for clubs

22 Friends Disco
26 Friends Cake Sale

29 End of Term


7 / 8 Parents Evening
9 Chinese New Year Special Lunch (wear Red)
12 Half Term
20 KS2 Parents Maths Event

21 KS1 Parent Maths Event
23 Year 3 Parent Lunch
26th – 1st March 9am Parent Restorative Practice Event


8 Christmas Fair
12 Y6 trip
12 Early years play at 2pm
14 KS1 play at 2pm
15 KS1 play at 9.15am
15 Panto trip
18 Carol concert


7 Y3 trip
16 Neil Griffith workshop for parents
17 Star class parent lunch
20 Y4 trip
22 Non uniform day
27 Last week for clubs


5  Y6 height and weight screening
6 Diamond class parent lunch
16 Parents evening – early
17 Parents evening – late
18 Individual school photos
19 School disco
20 Flu vaccinations for R – Y4


20 Reception and Star Class curriculum meetings
29 Lego parent lunch

Please click HERE for a list of events organised by Friends.